Saturday, 25 August 2012

Things that make me happy

Yesterday evening I posted on the Afterword site 5 things that, at that moment, made me happy. It was an excuse to post a video of 'Roll On Babe' by Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance, a song that always makes me happy. The 5 things were:

1. The Red Kites in the tree behind my house.
2. The glass of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo beside me.
3. My wife humming upstairs in the bath.
4. The thought of a long weekend with absolutely nothing to do.
5. Ronnie Lane singing 'Roll On Babe'

As with most of my posts that's all there is to it. As I type this we are up to 59 replies, many of which make me profoundly happy. One brave soul posted that, after years of depression and counselling, his wife was returning to the happy girl he married. This admission immediately became the 6th thing that makes me happy. Depression is a horrible condition that affects everyone around the sufferer and seeps into every pore of their collective life. Trust me, I know.
So, for Matt and his wife, I raise a glass. Stick with it. It gets better. 

Summer stars are in the sky

I am posting this as an explanation of the blog's title. Clare Island is off the coast of Mayo, in the West of Ireland. It is a magical place. So, I'm going to start rambling. Let's see what happens.....